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Our main business scope located in orienteering electron and information

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Operation Thought
Culturally, devoted to modernized national health both in body and spirit
Technically, realized electron and information on sport industry.
Operationally, open first, cooperation mainly, face competition directly.

Our characteristic
Specially in orienteering sport
Our main business scope located in orienteering electron and information, to be professional from specialization.

Strong Expert Supporting Team
Ma Huimin, Deputy Secretary-general of National Sport Bureau China Orienteering Association.
Zhang Xiaowei, orienteering expert with fame "China First Orienteering One"
Luo qizhi, National coach for orienteering, Hunan provincial Sport Bureau
Tang wanhui, National coach class one, China University Orienteering Training Center coach.
Dong zhiqiang, Fu lunxu, professor of South-China Normal University,
Expert on orienteering electron facility and cartography
Zhang Xinan, professor from Zhaoqing Academy, who got full teaching experience on orienteering

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