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Battery power supply; not less than 10 hours standby time once charged; combination of portability and practicability; capability of installing 50m thermal printing paper (capable of outputting scores of 200 to 500 persons once replaced, convenient and practical)

  1. Connect the printer with a master station;
  2. Place a start-up stick on the indicator light at the right side of Chinahealth to start the master station;
  3. Turn on the switch of the printer;
  4. Green light on the printer is lighted; if red light, then battery is being charged;
  5. Press the FEED key to check whether the printer is in normal operation and begins to feed paper;
  6. Place a CH card into a punching area of the master station, the master station will buzz after the printer prints out the scores; the whole process lasts for 1 to 2 seconds;
  7. Use a print card to punch any time during the race; the printer directly outputs the printed CH card statistical table;
  8. Immediately close the master station by a shutdown card after the race is over.
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