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    Description: Battery power supply; not less than 10 hours standby time once charged; combination of portability a...
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    Description: Dedicated time corrector with liquid crystal display Capable of reading and displaying station time ...
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    Description: For clear all backup data in every station
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    Description: Event managment (new,duplication,etc)Organisation managment(athlete cheek,group set,infromation,etc)...
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    Description: Functional characteristics: Adoption of microcomputer technology low power consumption design, step ...
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    Description: More than 300H standby time, 1 to 2 years of service life (twice each week and two hours once)
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    Description: 360 to 1,152 kbps baud rate
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    Description: Adoption of steel rope with glue, abrasion resistance and theft prevention, convenient carrying
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