Tournament Review | Explore the Historic City Orienteering Competition and the third game of the 2019 Shenzhen Orienteering League

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      Expanding tourism is also called experiential tourism. It relies on tourism, which is different from pure tourism. It is in the form of tourism that allows people to enjoy the natural scenery while experiencing interesting and stimulating projects to achieve a double relaxation of body and mind in a natural and open atmosphere. Introduction The new concept term "expanding tourism" is what Hunan Satellite TV quoted when reporting the news. The press release is like this: At the peak of the National Day tourism, a new type of tourism route has been created for tourists and friends: taking a cruise Visit the scenic Shiyan Lake, the folk song duet PK captain, a whistle, collectively ascend the (Five Dengke Tree), the first to reach the last step of the Guanyin Temple is the winner; dragon boat race on the lake, single lap timing, laps around the island Go, jungle raid war, live-action CS will let you go back to the era of wars and feel the strength of the team and the wisdom of the collective. This travel model of collective travel, collective play, collective experience, collective learning, and collective exchange is called "expanding tourism" for short. According to tourists, this travel method is novel and meaningful, especially suitable for family education, corporate groups, and student class activities. Its organization is a form that is promoted in tourism and grows in sublimation. Difference from ordinary tourism Compared with traditional tourism, expanding tourism is not limited to visiting mountains and rivers, but more emphasis on the initiative and participation of tourists. Mainly use the natural environment and various artificially created situations to allow the team members to solve problems and cope with challenges in a variety of well-designed activities. This is a process of combining physical and mental activities, personal challenges and teamwork. For tourists, participation in the project can not only inspire individual courage, strength and potential, but also strengthen the tacit understanding, devotion, communication and enthusiasm among team members, embodying the spirit of "combined unity". Expand the basic links of tourism Expansion of tourism training is a new learning method to improve the productivity of enterprises. The premise of this learning method is that experience precedes knowledge, and at the same time, knowledge and meaning come from the experience of participants. Each participant’s experience is unique, because this learning process uses induction rather than deduction. It is up to the participants to discover and summarize the knowledge provided during the experience. The first step: experience This is the beginning of the process. Participants engage in an activity and conduct it in the form of observation, expression and action. This initial experience is the foundation of the whole process. Step 2: Sharing After having experience, it is very important that participants share their feelings or observation results with other people who have experienced or observed the same activity. Step 3: Communication Sharing personal feelings is only the first step. The key part of the cycle is to combine these shared things. Participate in discussions, exchanges, and reflect on your own inner life patterns with other people. Step 4: Integration According to the logical procedure, the next step is to summarize principles from experience and extract the essence. Then integrate in some way to help participants further define and recognize the results from the experience. Step 5: Application The final step is to plan how to apply these experiences to work and life. The application itself has become an experience. With a new experience, the cycle begins again. Therefore, participants can continue to improve. The significance of expanding tourism activities Expanding tourism activities is a personal challenge and team fusion. Expanding tourism has created a relaxing platform for the emotional exchanges between colleagues, and at the same time has a deeper understanding of the corporate culture and the mutual communication between various departments. Expansion of tourism is a kind of welfare for the company's employees, and it is also an invisible feedback that employees bring to the company during their work. Expansion of tourism activities allows every employee to integrate into the corporate culture, and they will work with a new mental outlook and higher enthusiasm. Proactive communication and tacit cooperation between employees and various departments of the company greatly improve work efficiency   天威宽带事业部在桂林阳朔的定向旅游拓展