Timing Service

Shenzhen Huaruijian Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a high-tech company specializing in the promotion of orienteering sports culture and the development, development and production of sports electronic information products.


Among them, the Chinahealth electronic clocking and timing system independently developed and produced by the company owns the first independent intellectual property right in China, and is also the first electronic clocking and timing system that has passed the WRE international event supervision certification in China, which is groundbreaking.


This system is also the world's first set of directional electronic clocking and timing system with contactless clocking scheme. It is highly automated, easy to operate, rich in clocking modes, powerful in functions, and versatile in one machine, reaching the world's advanced level.


At the same time, in 2017, the company also developed the first sports APP in China that uses tile technology to embed professional maps into ordinary maps. The APP has two modes of GPS punch and Bluetooth punch. It has a highly sensitive north compass, which breaks away from the dependence of traditional orientation on the north compass, paper map and finger card, greatly reduces the cost of events, and is recognized by the majority of orienteering enthusiasts for its convenience of use, It is an intelligent sports software.


Since the Chinahealth electronic clocking and timing system was put into market application, it has provided mature one-stop timing solutions for many fields and industries. The company's customers cover hundreds of primary and secondary schools and colleges, armed forces, outdoor clubs, intelligent scenic spots and parks, and expansion bases across the country, which are widely used in orienteering, radio direction finding, military competition, outdoor sports, team development, urban sports, mountaineering Interesting treasure hunting, experiential tourism, track test and other projects with a large number of participants.