Directional Association

Honorary qualification Shenzhen Orienteering Association, established on June 9, 2012, referred to as "Shenzhen Orienteering Association" (OASZ), is a local, professional and non-profit social organization composed of Shenzhen orienteering professionals, orienteering enthusiasts and corresponding orienteering organizations, and is the first public welfare orienteering association in Guangdong Province.


The SDA has organized many orienteering professional skills training and hosted many orienteering series events, such as the Shenzhen Orienteering League, the "Guangzhou Hong Kong Deep Cup" Orienteering Cross-Road Open, the Guangdong University and Middle School Orienteering Championships, and the Shenzhen Orienteering Cross-Road Championships for Primary and Secondary School Students, which play a key role in the promotion, development and popularization of orienteering in the province and even in the country.Among them, Shenzhen Huaruijian Industrial Co., Ltd., as the first supplier of professional directional timing equipment in China, is also the main sponsor of the Shenzhen Association of Orienteering, which provides professional equipment and technical support for the organization of relevant directional skill training and directional events by the Shenzhen Association of Orienteering, and the strong combination of the two provides a number of professional directional athletes and coaches for the directional sports industry to jointly promote the development of the domestic sports industry, It enjoys certain authority in the industry.